Re: is an independent magazine that rethinks and recreates the dynamics of life and design. Our objective is to recover and rediscover relationships: human to human, design to design, and human to design.

Re: comes before but points to an after.
Re: means that there’s still more to say.
Re: says we’re not done yet.


Re:'s logo uses a customized designed font, Gatchi, for Re: with the idea of ‘design within design’. This type is inspired by the relationship between past + present. Gatchi combines a contemporary sans serif typeface with an Old Style touch found at the curved strokes.

We wanted to continue conceptualizing the idea of relationships in our visual icon by taking on two stylized elements of the Re: logo to create the icon.

The icon will be seen throughout various collateral for our Re:Members.

We will also maintain an online presence filled with daily featured stories, articles, designs, etc. that will be found on our upcoming site, This will not only maintain our audience as we prepare the next physical print copy of Re:, but an online presence will help start a daily culture of the exploration of relationships.

Hang tight! The site will be up soon!


The theme of our 1st issue is Re:claiming the broken relationship between women and their value and identity.

Excerpts from ‘Re:claim’ Issue 01

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